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Upcoming AICPA IMTA (Information Management and Technology Assurance Section) Events

Upcoming AICPA IMTA (Information Management and Technology Assurance Section) Events

Upcoming AICPA IMTA Events that may interest you.

Discover why predictive analytics should be a ‘CPA thing’
The goal of this brief, authored by IMTA Executive Committee member Adam Haverson, CPA/CITP, CFA, is to define predictive analytics, explain its value and why CPAs are well positioned to be crucial participants in its adoption. This brief will also highlight the growing importance of PA and the challenges of modeling while offering best practices on how to initiate PA projects into your organization or your clients’ organization.

How to Leverage the CITP Credential to Better Serve Your Clients and Organizations
Learning how to leverage the CITP credential can beneficial to anyone interested in becoming a credential holder or to current credential holders. Join IMTA’s CITP Credential Committee member Dana Greene, CPA, CITP, for an AICPA Live Facebook chat on Oct. 17 from 1-2 p.m. (ET) for a lively Q&A session. Learn the history of the CITP credential, tips for successfully passing the exam and how to articulate the value of the credential.

The Changing Role of the CPA
In this new “The Changing Role of the CPA” video, AICPA members discuss the new and changing role of CPAs. With the emergence of new information technology trends, CPAs can no longer ignore IT; they must embrace it. Bridging the gap between business and technology should be at the core of any accounting professional’s skillset, equipping them for the ever-changing role of the CPA.

Do you understand tax operations?
With increasing global regulatory requirements and scrutiny, tax information, operations and technology have become a key focus for companies and the firms that advise them. Join the rebroadcast of IMTA’s “Understanding Tax Operations — A Panel Discussion” webcast on Sept. 29 at 1 p.m., and gain an appreciation for the relationship between tax and the broader finance organization. IMTA Section members (including CITP credential holders) save an additional 20% off of this webcast.

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