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Customization to fit business needs​

Drive efficiencies and save resources with our personalized approach

Implementing an ERP solution without customization may not allow you to maximize its capabilities and enjoy its full advantages. Martin & Associates understands that your business requirements are unique, so we can customize each ERP solution and streamline it with your workflows.


If you need to track or calculate critical data specific to your industry, and if that requires changing elements of your ERP system of choice, we can make that happen – without breaking the bank.

Custom Application Development


Use our expert help to integrate your industry-specific, line-of-business (LOB) system or databases with the ERP platform of your choice.

E-Commerce Integrations


Need to streamline data entry on your shop floor? Do you want to create simplified screens? Or do you have daily data import requirements? Whatever your data collection needs might be, we can design and implement those capabilities in your new ERP.

Line-of-Business Integrations

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