Professional Services

Martin & Associates specializes in helping Professional Services companies choose the best software to fit their needs including Financial, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Budgeting, Forecasting  and Planning

We understand that tracking all aspects of a project or contract is still one of the greatest challenges in the professional services industry.  Sometimes, even measuring the degree of project completion can be difficult.  And poor management of resources can make what appears to be a year of profitable projects into a year of unmet expectations, where very little of the anticipated profit makes it all the way to the bottom line.

The right project, resource, and financial management automation can make all the difference, especially when it is built around the idea of project-based accounting.  The right information technology can help your company thrive by helping you:

  • Meet scheduled deadlines through a complete and accurate picture of project status.
  • Take advantage of the historical information you already have to make more accurate forecasts and management decisions.
  • Efficiently manage increasingly complex projects by organizing time, equipment, and employees effectively to meet customer demand for accelerated schedules and smaller budgets.

Martin & Associates can help recommend, implement and customize  the best software package to help fit all of your Professional Services needs.

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