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Error During GP 2013 Upgrade from GP 2010 or GP 10 about the system database not being found

Error During GP 2013 Upgrade from GP 2010 or GP 10 about the system database not being found

I recently ran into this issue when trying to start an upgrade from GP 2010 to GP 2013.  Here is the scenario:

  • A test server had been created, and copies of the live gp databases restored
  • A fresh install of GP 2010 was on the test server, and the companies could be accessed through the GP client.
  • A new install of GP 2013 was completed, with the latest service pack.  Rolled with the default to create a new data source, and to keep the system database name as DYNAMICS
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and SQL 2008 R2

When running GP 2013 Utilities, it asked to create a new system database, which I thought was weird since a DYNAMICS database was already present on the server, and I specified during the install to use that name.  I clicked to create a Basic install, and then when it tried that, up popped this error message:

“A system database name was not supplied.  Run a repair of the Microsoft Dynamics GP installation.”

I could only hit OK and then Utilities closed.  Using my freshly gained knowledge at Convergence 2013, there is a new line in the Dex.ini file that keeps track of the system database name.  That line is called “Pathname”, and it should look like this:


Where DYNAMICS is the name of the system database.  However, it seems that after an initial install, that line reads Pathname=/dbo/ with no system database name.

After updating the file to read correctly (Pathname=DYNAMICS/dbo/) I was able to run GP 2013 Utilities and perform the update.

What fun!

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